Trimble Park

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Probably one of my favorite albums ever: Cannonball Adderley – Somethin’ Else on @Spotify

Seems that words and I are back together. We had coffee and worked things out.

RT @DrLawyercop: When you look at the line up of GOP presdiental front runners, it’s hard not to think, “What, was Dr. Evil unavailable?”

RT @TNYJohnCassidy: The 40 Nicest Things About Newt: Thanks to everybody who responded to the festive challenge I issued on Monda… …

RT @blue439: Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Tebow

Christmas shopping almost finished. Missing only my wife’s complete surprise. (She doesn’t read Twitter.)

The new(er) Twitter is very nice, but its suggestions for who I should follow seem to indicate I’m already following everyone interesting.